Resident Dermatologist: Maeve Maher, MD

Attending Dermatologist: Susan Massick, MD

Dermatopathologist: Catherine Chung, MD


71 y/o male with past medical history significant for melanoma presented with skin lesion on left shoulder for years. This pink lesion had been growing and itching without pain or bleeding.

At low power, epithelial lobules are present extending from the epidermis into the underlying dermis. There is an accompanying inflammatory infiltrate in the dermis.

The cells that compose the epithelioid lobules are small, ovoid in shape and monomorphous.

Round and irregular spaces forming ductal structures are present within tumor lobules.

What is the most likely diagnosis?

  1. Melanoma
  2. Seborrheic keratosis
  3. Poroma
  4. Intradermal nevus
  5. Neurofibroma