Department of Pathology

Arwa Shana'ah
Arwa Shana'ah, MD

N349 Doan Hall
410 W. 10th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210
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Path to belonging

Our mission is to create a diverse and inclusive culture in the Department of Pathology. We aim to provide equity in the work environment by ensuring that everyone feels respected, equally valued and heard and fostering a sense of self-worth and belonging. We strive to provide equal opportunities for education, growth and leadership and to integrate diversity in our clinical service to our patients as well as our education and research endeavors.


  • To improve awareness of DEI and any related issues.
  • To be a model department for diversity, equity and inclusion in medicine, education and in the community.
  • To advance diversity, equity and inclusive excellence in the department from recruitment to retention and success.
  • Build an inclusive culture that supports diversity, advocates for equity and creates a sense of belonging.


  • To lead and support faculty and staff initiatives to educate members and institute DEI awareness.
  • To collaborate with campus and community stakeholders for fostering an inclusive environment.
  • To advocate for social justice and equal opportunities for growth and success by modeling these values in the department and actively participating in community programs that aim to do so.