Department of Pathology


Digital pathology is the future of the field of pathology. Virtual microscopy is one of the tools that makes this future possible. The Digital Pathology Core (DPC) provides a variety of services to researchers and their collaborators locally and around the world to ensure research and education are conducted faster, better and at a lower cost.

Digital slide images are ideal for collaboration between researchers, offering those down the hall, in different buildings or on opposite sides of the globe the ability to instantly view, assess and annotate slide images. Hosted digital slide images optimize busy researcher time by allowing viewing, assessing and annotating slide images from any location at any time. Multiple researchers can work on a set of slide images at the same time. Digital slide images protect tissue resources by minimizing cuttings and guarding against loss or damage in transportation. Another benefit of digital slide images is the ability to provide a permanent record of tissue specimens, stains and annotations for archival purposes. Digital slide images are the first step to unlocking tissue data through digital image analysis.