Department of Pathology


The Division of Hematopathology combines the diagnostic aspects of laboratory hematology and coagulation, bone marrow, and hematolymphoid tissue interpretation and flow cytometric analysis.

In addition to their clinical duties the hematopathology division is actively involved in research projects and supports clinical studies through collaboration with oncologists, computer scientists and various cooperative research groups including CALGB, ECOG and TGCA and multiple Biopharm companies. In collaboration with Dr. Rolf Barth in the Department of Pathology and Dr. Nilendu Gupta in the Department of Radiation Medicine, Dr. Racke has developed a novel therapy for the treatment of thrombocytopenia that has show significant efficacy in a murine model of radiation-induced bone marrow suppression. This therapy relies upon a unique pharmacologic strategy to influence erythromegakaryocytic differentiation and has therapeutic potential to translate into a novel therapy for patients with thrombocytopenia. He continues to lead the pathology leukemia cadre of the CALGB, participating in correlative science related to the refinement of the diagnosis of leukemia and development of clinical assays for prognostic markers in acute myeloid leukemia.

Dr. Shana’ah collaborates with Dr. Metin Gurcant from the Department of Bioinformatics in the area of computer based image analysis algorithm for accurate histological grading of follicular lymphomas. Dr. Shana’ah is a participant in The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project sponsored by National Institute of Health.

Dr. Zhao directs the molecular pathology core facility laboratory at Polaris. Under his directorship molecular core laboratory developed and validated numerous clinical molecular and FISH tests that are used in daily clinical sign out as well as well as are used to support multiple clinical studies in different types of malignancies ranging from acute leukemia to breast cancer. Dr. Zhao expertise in development and analysis of molecular tests is valued by researchers at OSUMC, other institutions and cooperative groups and is supported by numerous collaborative grants. Dr. Zhao also helps with development of computer based image analysis for grading of follicular lymphoma and cutaneous T cell lymphoma. In addition Dr. Zhao is an active leukemia cadre member in CALGB and TCGA projects.