Department of Pathology


The Liver Pathology Division is led by Dr. Martha Yearsley, and faculty members include Drs. Wendy Frankel (Department Chairman), Christina A. Arnold (Chief of Gastrointestinal Pathology), Ming Jin, Wei Chen, Jeff Kneile, Melinda Schumacher , and Lynn Schoenfield. Our OSU main Campus clinical volume (~835 in the year 2015) includes medical, neoplastic and transplant liver biopsies, liver resections plus outside consultations. We continue to provide excellent clinical service to our hepatology and transplant surgery colleagues.

In addition to clinical activities, we are very dedicated to our teaching mission. We offer a combined GI and liver pathology fellowship under the direction of Dr. Frankel and Dr. Arnold. We are also involved in teaching gastroenterology fellows, hepatology and transplant surgery fellows, GI and liver pathology fellows, pathology residents and medical students. Our weekly Liver Clinicopathologic Correlation Conference provides a robust learning tool and well-rounded experience for our fellows. This conference is selected from an array of cases (~ 160 cases per year), and provides an excellent clinicopathologic correlation input to those in attendance. Our Division actively supports ongoing translational research in collaboration with the Hepatology, Transplant Surgery, Radiology and Imaging, and Oncology Departments.