Date of Presentation:3/08/2022

Attending pathologist: Konstantin Shilo, MD

Presented by: Lokman Cevik, MD

Prepared by: Lokman Cevik, MD



55-year-old female presented with history of lung abscess on RUL of the lung 10 years ago.

She underwent a CT for lung cancer screening after her request. CT showed a 1.5 cm cavitary lesion with nearby ground-glass appearance on right upper lobe of the lung.

After an antibiotic tx, repeat CT showed an increase in solid component of the nodule with new nodules on RLL and LLL of the lung.

PET-CT showed that the nodules were hypermetabolic.

Right upper lobectomy with lymph node dissections was performed and the specimens were sent for histopathological examination.


What is the most likely diagnosis?

  1. Necrotic carcinoma
  2. Necrotizing granuloma
  3. Sarcoidosis
  4. Necrotizing sarcoid granulomatosis (NSG)
Necrotizing granuloma