Department of Pathology

Wendy Frankel
Wendy L. Frankel, MD

Kurtz Chair and
Distinguished Professor
129 Hamilton Hall
1645 Neil Ave
Columbus, OH 43210
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Sandra Banky Grossroom Manager
Edward Calomeni Electron Microscope Director
Aileen Carter Dermatopathology
Katrina Muska Duff Human Resources
FAX (Main Office) Hamilton Hall
FAX (Surgical Pathology) Doan Hall
Ramona Fields Transcription Manager
Dawn Gullifer Chambers Rd. Manager
Chrissy Hopkins IHC Manager
Jacqui Lankford Assistant to Dr. Wendy Frankel
Erin Johns Faculty Affairs Coordinator
Stephanie Laus Renal Pathology Assistant
Alena Moye Morgue
Granger Butler Finance Manager
Erin Patten QA Manager
Mindy Pifher The James Labs Operations Director
Cheryl Reeder Tissue Archive Services
Jennifer Sachire Autopsy Services & AP Compliance Manager
Kevin Shively Operations Director University Hospital
Thom Smith OSUE Operations Director
Leslie Stump Chief Administrative Officer
Jaime Swartzwelder Clinical Laboratory Manager
TBD Histology Manager
TBD Cytology Manager
Bonnie Whitaker AP Operations Director