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The Department of Pathology has a tradition of research and Experimental Pathology excellence. The mission of the Branch of Experimental Pathology is to perform laboratory research that provides insights into developing clinical therapies for patients with unmet needs. The major areas of research are tumor biology, carcinogenesis & metastasis, UV carcinogenesis, cancer immunology, wound healing, stem cell biology, HIV, HCV and herpes virus infection, and bacterial pathogenesis. Each of these has potential clinical relevance. Experimental Pathology is defined as disease-oriented hypothesis testing or generating research. Our Experimental Pathology branch’s progress parallels OSU’s signature programs in cancer, neuroscience, cardiovascular transplantation, wound healing, infectious disease and critical care medicine. In addition, within the Experimental Pathology branch are unique programs in image analysis and tissue banking.

The Experimental Pathology Branch is led by Dr. Ramesh Ganju who holds the Scott Endowed Chair in Pathology and is Vice Chair of the Experimental Pathology Branch. The Division currently has 20 primary and adjunct faculty members and over 60 scientists and support personnel. Each faculty member has his or her own set of projects. In addition, faculty members collaborate with each other and share reagents and expertise.