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The Flow Cytometry Laboratory, under the direction of Dr. Gerard Lozanski, continues to experience marked increase in both of clinical and research specimens. The laboratory has expanded its detection of minimal residual disease to include not only CLL but also ALL and some types of T cell non Hodgkin lymphomas. Over the last several years laboratory developed and validated flow battery that allows detailed evaluation of the cellular immune status (IMMUNOME) of patients treated with hematological malignancies, HIV or and autoimmune disorders that are treated with various modalities including stem cell transplant, immunotherapy and immunomodulating drugs. In addition flow laboratory also developed expertise in quantitative measurement of density of surface antigens that are targets of immunotherapeutic agents treated with humanized monoclonal antibodies. Most recently the flow laboratory started to evaluate flow cytometric method to quantitatively measure the average length of telomeres by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) method. Dr. Lozanski in collaboration with Dr. M. Gurcan from the Department of Bioinformatics has received an NIH grant for development of a computer program for accurate and reproducible histological grading of follicular lymphoma based on whole slide image analysis, placing our division in a unique leadership position in the rapidly emerging field of digital pathology.