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The faculty in the Hematopathology division cover a very busy clinical service that includes the review of bone marrow specimens, lymph nodes/lymphoid tissues (the division reviewed greater than 4500 hematopathology specimens last year), peripheral blood smears, body fluids, coagulation workups and flow cytometric analysis interpretations.

Additionally, the faculty members actively participate in research projects and collaborations with the Departments of Hematology/Oncology and Bioinformatics among others as well as being involved in various cooperative research groups including the Pathology branch of the Alliance-Leukemia Cadre and Cancer Genome Atlas. These research efforts have resulted in many publications and grant awards. The faculty also participates in weekly and monthly multidisciplinary conferences including Lymphoma Conference, Lymphoma Research Conference and Hematopathology/hematology conference.

As part of the education mission, the faculty are actively involved in the teaching of residents, fellows, medical students and visitors from other departments as well as other institutions whether across the microscope or in the form of didactic and unknown conferences.

We offer a one-year Hematopathology Fellowship program that combines intensive experience in benign and neoplastic hematopathology with exposure to molecular pathology and cytogenetics as well as Pediatric hematopathology to form a well-rounded base for academic or community-based practice. Opportunities for participation in research projects and lab management activities are available.