Department of Pathology


The Department of Pathology, Division of Autopsy Services provides morgue holding facilities, research operations, tissue procurement operations, and in-patient/out-patient autopsy operations to all of the facets of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, including the Ross Heart Hospital, James Cancer Center, University Hospital - Main, and University Hospital - East. Intimately working with the OSU College of Medicine, the division provides a unique and enriched learning experience for medical students, residents, and fellows. Weekly Brain Cutting and Educational Autopsy Conferences function to deliver clinical information to OSU clinicians and other members of the medical community, including students, nurses, and non-pathology residents/fellows.

With the expertise of the attending pathologists and neuropathologists, the Division of Autopsy Services is a part of the OSU Regional Autopsy Center, which provides non-forensic autopsy services to the surrounding medical community and families of central Ohio.