Department of Pathology


The Division of Thoracic Pathology actively participates in Multidisciplinary Conferences (Tumor Boards) providing a critical role in treatment decision-making. The division’s education mission involves lecturing to residents and fellows inside and outside of the department. Successful intra-departmental collaboration with the department’s Molecular Pathology Laboratory allowed our service to become one of only a few in the country to offer reflexive testing for EGFR, KRAS and ALK gene alterations on all resected primary pulmonary adenocarcinomas. The faculty members of the Division of Thoracic Pathology continue to work closely with other departments within the College of Medicine to establish collaborative research efforts in the biology of lung cancer and interstitial lung disease. These research efforts have resulted in publications and grant awards.


  • OSU Lung Cancer Center
    (Dr. David Carbone)
  • OSU Molecular Pathology, Lung Cancer Profiling
    (Dr. John Zhao)
  • Interstitial Lung Disease Clinic
    (Dr. James Allen)
  • OSU Autopsy Services
    (Dr. Patricia Allenby)
  • Radiation Oncology
    (Dr. Terry Williams; Dr. Meng Welliver)


  • Role of Notch3 in EGFR mutant lung tumors before and after EGFR blockade
    (Dr. Raj Arasada; Dr. David Carbone)
  • EGFR, Notch3 and beta-catenin axis in cancer stem cells
    (Dr. Raj Arasada)
  • Genomic predictors of metastasis: Comparison of primary and brain metastatic cancers of patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer blockade
    (Dr. Joseph Aman; Dr. David Carbone)
  • Finding biomarkers to determine response in NSCLC and melanoma patients treated with anti-PD1 or anti-PDL1 immunotherapy
    (Dr. Joseph Aman; Dr. David Carbone)
  • Clinical Outcomes and Molecular Correlates of Patients Who Have Received Radiation for Lung Cancer
    (Dr. Terry Williams)
  • Role of PRMT5 in solid tumors
    (Dr. Robert Baiocchi)
  • Proteomic signatures of solid tumors
    (Dr. Michael Freitas)
  • Chemokine receptor CCR5: Novel target for inhibiting lung cancer growth and metastasis
    (Dr. Ramesh Ganju)
  • TRPV2/Cannabidiol: A novel therapeutic target and strategy against aggressive and metastatic breast cancer
    (Dr. Ramesh Ganju)
  • FABP5 as a novel therapeutic target against aggressive lung cancer
    (Dr. Ramesh Ganju)
  • Crosstalk between microRNA-1 and CXCR4 in small cell lung cancer growth and drug resistance
    (Dr. Mohd Nasser; Dr. Ramesh Ganju)
  • Targeting somatic homologous recombination in solid tumors
    (Dr. Miguel Villalona; Dr. Sameh Mikhail)
  • The pivotal role of macrophages in regulating pulmonary fibrosis
    (Dr. Megan Ballinger)


  • Thoracic Tumor Board, weekly
  • Interstitial Lung Disease Conference, bi-weekly
  • Pathology Residents
  • Pulmonary and Critical Care Disease Fellows